Thursday, October 12, 2006

So What is Perry Plumsauce?

Alright everyone I figure it’s about time I let you all in on what the basic story is with my short! Right now the rough working title is Perry Plumsauce’s Far Far Move. As you may be able to guess from that, it’s about Perry Plumsauce and..well.. his far far move.
The short revolves around our main character Perry as he moves from his apartment building to a new house due to a job offer. The entire Short will be narrated (picture 50’s cartoons).

Perry’s Personality: He lives alone, very very organized, quirky, really enjoys his odd little delights, can easily get stressed out over a situation he doesn’t have control of OR a situation he over thinks.

So Perry is moving out of his big apartment building after getting a job from the bigwig newspaper editor in another city. He hires 2 Panda Movers to help him move and rides in-between them in the truck cab to his new place. The more and more they travel (going though strange locations n whatnot) the more and more Perry begins to worry he may have made a big mistake! During each stop they make along the way Perry begins getting more and more paranoid and scared (seeing constant reminders of his old apartment during the trip) until finally he explodes and passes out from the built up stress. The pandas continue driving throughout the night and once they reach the new place morning has come with Perry waking to find his new place isn’t so bad after all.

That’s it!
If any of you reading this have an extra couple seconds I’d love to hear any comments as to what you think. I think that little synopsis more or less captures what the story is about and the moods that will be played throughout.
Thanks for stopping by!


Blogger joshua wysocki said...

hey cale
good story, its straight to the point and not too much into the details. my animation professor told us "if you can't summerize ur story in one sentence, then its gonna flop" can't wait to see whats next on ur to do list. naration first? storyboard animatic to go with it? those are things i am dying to see!

ur work inspires me to jump onto my old story ideas once again. but its not like anyone is gonna like my story or not, you on the other hand prob get alot of feedback from dan at ur work!
i always wanted to do a story of this ghost hunter family who has a lazy teenage kid, and they go off to search for creatures around the world, kinda like 'a goofy movie' meets 'wild tornberries'!

best of luck, i'll keep my eye on you!

11:49 PM  

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