Monday, February 19, 2007

Tastes like Plumsauce

Hey Everyone!
The Perry Blog is well overdue for an update!
Things are moving smoothly with preproduction on this Yeti sized project.
The past couple months I have been working hard on writing the film's Narration, 1st rough animatic, character designs, style tests and above all organizing/planning.
With so much on the plate it's no doubt easy to get overwhelmed in the many different areas of producing a short, so needless to say I've found the organizing and planning the main source in keeping my sanity (if its still there).
The good news is I'm still just as excited as ever with the project! As much as I want to shoot it out and get it done, I'm also being sure to take all the time needed to make sure it's how I want it to look and feel. No use working 1-2 years on something you're not proud of.
Perhaps the next couple posts I'll go abit more in depth in some of the areas I've been working on, some of the trials and tribulations encountered and some things I've been learning along the way.
At the top I included one of my background style tests done the other day.
Thanks for stoppin by!
Don’t forget to pick up your jar of free Plumsauce on the way out.

- Cale