Monday, February 19, 2007

Tastes like Plumsauce

Hey Everyone!
The Perry Blog is well overdue for an update!
Things are moving smoothly with preproduction on this Yeti sized project.
The past couple months I have been working hard on writing the film's Narration, 1st rough animatic, character designs, style tests and above all organizing/planning.
With so much on the plate it's no doubt easy to get overwhelmed in the many different areas of producing a short, so needless to say I've found the organizing and planning the main source in keeping my sanity (if its still there).
The good news is I'm still just as excited as ever with the project! As much as I want to shoot it out and get it done, I'm also being sure to take all the time needed to make sure it's how I want it to look and feel. No use working 1-2 years on something you're not proud of.
Perhaps the next couple posts I'll go abit more in depth in some of the areas I've been working on, some of the trials and tribulations encountered and some things I've been learning along the way.
At the top I included one of my background style tests done the other day.
Thanks for stoppin by!
Don’t forget to pick up your jar of free Plumsauce on the way out.

- Cale

Sunday, December 03, 2006

A Perry Update from Me to You

Hey everyone so I thought I'd write up abit of an update as to how things are going on the Short.

I'm happy to report that pre-production is running smoothly and I've recently passed the milestone of completing my rough boards. I'm pretty satisfied with how it’s turning out though it doesn't take a rocket scientist to say this will be no walk in the park to complete. Currently the boards run abit over 250 panels (I think 269 to be exact). Once I get the animatic/narration done I'm sure some numbers may change depending on pacing of the short and making sure it will play out well.
With the boards all scanned and saved on the computer it was no question that I had to put up all the originals on the walls of my apartment. Transformation of my 1 bdrm apartment into an animation studio is no doubt in full operation.
Now that the boards are done I'm moving on to working on the animatic, writing the actual narration for the short, working on character designs and trying out some style/animation tests.

There’s no denying this is a massive project to take on (especially solo), yet isn’t that what it’s all about? To use a clichéd phrase “Go big or go home!”

If any of you have any comments or questions regarding the short, process, or myself feel free to drop me a comment, they are always appreciated!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

So What is Perry Plumsauce?

Alright everyone I figure it’s about time I let you all in on what the basic story is with my short! Right now the rough working title is Perry Plumsauce’s Far Far Move. As you may be able to guess from that, it’s about Perry Plumsauce and..well.. his far far move.
The short revolves around our main character Perry as he moves from his apartment building to a new house due to a job offer. The entire Short will be narrated (picture 50’s cartoons).

Perry’s Personality: He lives alone, very very organized, quirky, really enjoys his odd little delights, can easily get stressed out over a situation he doesn’t have control of OR a situation he over thinks.

So Perry is moving out of his big apartment building after getting a job from the bigwig newspaper editor in another city. He hires 2 Panda Movers to help him move and rides in-between them in the truck cab to his new place. The more and more they travel (going though strange locations n whatnot) the more and more Perry begins to worry he may have made a big mistake! During each stop they make along the way Perry begins getting more and more paranoid and scared (seeing constant reminders of his old apartment during the trip) until finally he explodes and passes out from the built up stress. The pandas continue driving throughout the night and once they reach the new place morning has come with Perry waking to find his new place isn’t so bad after all.

That’s it!
If any of you reading this have an extra couple seconds I’d love to hear any comments as to what you think. I think that little synopsis more or less captures what the story is about and the moods that will be played throughout.
Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

It’s official I’ve gone mad and decided to create an animated short!

Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog!
This blog is solely dedicated to an animated short I am currently writing and preparing to fully produce in my spare hours. I plan on regularly posting various production materials here as I begin the long and winding road to creating a completed short!

As with my art blog, your comments and opinions are always more then appreciated and never cease to make my day or motivate me to push it alittle further! I hope as this blog progresses you all see or read something that catches your eye, inspires your mind and/or gives you a good ol fashioned grin!

So without further ado, let me introduce you to the world of Perry Plumsauce.